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Ummino transforms health and wellbeing through the microbiome with vital prebiotics
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Unlocking the fountain of youth for the adult microbiome

Probiotics introduce new microbe strains, but this ignores individuality of each microbiome. We've unlocked a vital prebiotic that works by selectively nourishing the unique, beneficial microbes living within each of us.

Hummino® is a vital prebiotic inspired by natural HMOs

Why are HMOs important?
Over millions of years, human milk evolved to contain HMOs (Humanized Oligosaccharides) as the fourth most abundant ingredient. These indigestible fibers aren't for nourishing baby. Instead, they serve as vital prebiotics to feed keystone microbes such biffidobacteria, colonization of the microbiome and supporting the development of the baby’s immune system.
What is Hummino®?
Hummino® is a vital prebiotic that is a bio-identical lactosamine composition, a fundamental building block of HMOs. After 20 years of microbiome research, our founding scientists have unlocked the secret to producing Hummino® sustainably and affordably to rejuvenate and restore balance to the adult microbiome and address the onset of unhealthy aging through microbiome decline.
How does Hummino® work?
As we age, our exposure to processed foods, pollution, antibiotics, and stress erodes the resilience of our microbiome. Hummino® selectively nourishes the beneficial probiotics living within each of us and activates the production of essential metabolites and molecules that enhance our immune system. These are called Postbiotics and are essential for human health.

Addressing the onset of unhealthy aging

Our scientific research shows that Hummino® restores the natural balance to our microbiome and enhances gut barrier function by strengthening the gut lining, closing intestinal permeability known as ‘Leaky Gut’, which compromises the immune system and is directly tied to auto-immune conditions, allergies, and chronic diseases.

From lifespan to healthspan

We founded Ummino with a shared vision and dedication to unlocking the potential of the microbiome to transform lives through long-term wellness and wellbeing. Aging well isn't just about living longer; it's about adding life to your years.
Jose, Charles & Andrea