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hGOS™ Fiber is a key ingredient to a strong, healthy lifestyle

Unlocking gut-healthy Ingredients
LacNAc, (N-Acetyl-Lactosamine), is a building block of HMOs and the key component of our proprietary composition hGOS™ Fiber, a natural superfood of beneficial bacteria, promoting the growth and associated functional activity to achieve a balanced and resilient microbiome.
Creating Synbiotic Products
hGOS™ Fiber is produced naturally during the culturing process for enriching drinkable yogurts and other cultured products rich in probiotics, upgrading them to synbiotic (probiotic + prebiotic) product offerings in-situ.
Promoting Healthy Aging
Products enriched in hGOS™ Fiber can help to restore a resilient microbiome in aging adults, helping to boost immunity, promote cognitive health, and helping to protect against age-related chronic GI infections and other digestive issues including leaky gut.

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Charles Dykes
Charles Dykes
Co-founder & CEO
Jose M. Bruno, PhD
Jose M. Bruno, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer
Iga Hallberg
M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril, PhD
Co-Founder & Head of Health and Nutrition
Ware Flora, PhD
Ware Flora, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer
Chris Guske, PhD
Chris Guske, PhD
Head of Engineering
scientific Advisory board
Chris Thoen, PhD
Chris Thoen, PhD
Former CTO, Givaudan. Previously, Managing Director, Connect + Develop at P&G. Former Director North America Innovation, Buhler Group.
Bill Aimutis, PhD
Bill Aimutis, PhD
Exec. Director, NC Food Innovation Lab. Former Head of Global Innovation Cargill.
Mark Warner, PE
Mark Warner, PE
Co-founder and CEO at Liberation Labs. Founder, Warner Advisors. Former Head of Engineering, Impossible Foods, Solazyme.
Brian Brazeau
Brian Brazeau, PhD
Partner at Ferment. Previously, President of North America for Novozymes and GM at Ginkgo Bioworks.

“We are unlocking natural ingredients to enhance the foods consumers love and improve global health.”

Charles Dykes
Charles Dykes
Co-Founder & CEO of Ummino
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